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    Google Api Heat map

      Hi all,


      I am using the latest google api to visualize a heat map with countries.

      Although it seems that my expression calculations are correct, each number of observations do no map to the correct country.


      Find my text box exp below:



            & 'chf=bg,s,a0c2ff'  /*Background color */

            & '&chs=460x320&cht=map:fixed=-75,-180,85,180' //Chart Size, Zoom Type and Boundary

            & '&chco=' & '808080'  /* Color for no dimension value */

            & ',' & $(vColorSelect) /*Color Gradient, from left to right - no measure value to highest measure value*/

            & '&chld=' & concat(DISTINCT [Origin Country Code], '|', fieldIndex('[Origin Country Code]', [Origin Country Code])) /*list of dimension value*/

            & '&chd=t:' & concat(ceil(100*aggr(sum($(vMeasureSelect))/max(TOTAL aggr(DISTINCT sum($(vMeasureSelect)), [Origin Country Code])), [Origin Country Code])), ',', [Origin Country Code])

            /*list of measure values for driving the intensity of color for each dimension member*/


      Any ideas why is this happening??