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    Cumulative Average & Count

    Phil Speight

      I have some data with 2 dates.  I need to calculate the time between them, which I can do, however I also need to show the cumulative average of the time it is taking for the process to complete.


      I cant get any of the cumulative totals or averages to work.


      I think it is because there are some fields which have not completed the process, however I don't need to count these as I only need to only count the average time taken for ones which have completed?


      Please see attached



      Any suggestions?

        • Re: Cumulative Average & Count

          Hi Phil


          I think the second dimension is confusing the accumulation option in the expressions box. You can try using a combination of Rangesum() and above() functions to get the desired result.




          rangesum(above(total count(Process_Start),0,RowNo(total)))


          returns the count of the process_starts cumulatively (without having the accumulation on as an option in the expressions dialogue)


          You can then tweak this to get the other results.


          something like


          =rangeavg(above(total NetWorkDays(Process_Start,Process_End),0,RowNo(total)))


          for the averagetime


          Letme know if this works,