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    Differentiate desktop client reload and task reload in the script

      In the script, knowing if the reload was started from the desktop client or by a publish task would be very beneficial for me. I figured out one way to do this which is almost what I needed, but wanted to ask you for other possible ideas.


      What I came up with was to add a parameter to the task "FullLoad" and it gets only one value from the task. If this variable does not exist in the document, it is being created and I can reference to that and it's all good, BUT the QMC shows a warning because the variable did not exist and was created. If I create the variable in the document to avoid this warning, the variable value is not being changed when executing the script, so that's no good either.


      Ideas how to get this solution working without having warnings in all of the tasks all the time, or other ways for the script to know how the reload was initiated?