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    Can't print the set analysis values?

    zhen pan



      I have a few pivot table charts, some expressions used set analysis.

      I created a reportin Qlik using these charts.

      When I manually print the report, itlooks fine, so i decided to print them in batch(loop by a field name) in publisher.

      I found out all the set analysis expressions are either 0 or -


      Is there a bug or something that I am missing?


      thanks for any suggestions!

        • Re: Can't print the set analysis values?
          Jaime Aguilar


          you may need to ignore some values in Set Analysis so they don't return zero or null values. I don't know about your data model, however let me tell you an example,


          suppose you have a chart with an expression like this:

          sum({$<MonthYear={'$(=Monthname(Addmonths(today(),1)))' } >} Sales)

          With this expression, you calculate the sales for 1 month ago. However if you select current month and year and send it to print, the expression will be 0, because you need to ignore year and month in your expression, like this:


          sum({$<Year=,Month=,MonthYear={'$(=Monthname(Addmonths(today(),1)))' } >} Sales)


          The point is that it could be that any selection or reduction done by publisher can be altering your set analysis giving you null / zero results. If you could upload a sample of your application it would be better to help you,