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    Indirect Set Analysis

      Hi all,

      i have a problem with set analysis.

      I have this expression that give me as result 26130 records:


      =Count({$<Nome_Profilo=P({<Sending_mean__c={Online},Profile_state__c={Attivo}, Commodity={'Gas','Power'},CreatedDate={'>=$(=varDate)'}>}Nome_Profilo)>}Nome_Profilo)


      I want to know about this 26130 records, which have Created_Date > Date

      where Date is another date fields.


      How can i do?



      Thanks a lot

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          Liron Baram

          if the field you wnat to compare the created date

          has diffrent value for diffrent records , then you need to use if statement

          as set analysis wil check for the same date to all values

          so your formula sholud look somthing like


          Count({$<Nome_Profilo=P({<Sending_mean__c={Online},Profile_state__c={Attivo}, Commodity={'Gas','Power'},CreatedDate={'>=$(=varDate)'}>}Nome_Profilo)>}aggr(if(Created_Date > Date,Nome_Profilo),Nome_Profilo))

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              thank you Liron.

              I have another question to you.


              I calculate progressive expression by using option in expression tab :



              I calculate this expression Group by MonthDate..


              I need to know difference between Progressive May 2014 and September 2013.


              How can i do?


              Thanks a lot





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                  Liron Baram

                  hi maria

                  can you elaborate , little bit more

                  what is the dimension of the chart where you want to compare the month

                  and do you always compare months to a month 8 months back

                  or the user should select the months he want to compare

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                      Thanks Liron.

                      I have another question for you. I need to calculate difference between two dates but with two different condition. I use the Only function but it works only for one condition. How can i do?


                      The one condition is:


                      =only({<Categoria__c={'Attivazione'},Subject={'Verifica e correzione dei dati'},State__c={'Nuovo'},Status_Task={'Completata'},Stato_Pipeline={'1 Check Doc','2 Credit Check','3 Check Call','3 Check Letter','4 Gest. UTF','5 Invio Recessi','6 DL','6 DL KO','7 Non fatturabile','8 Fatturabile','0 Annullamenti'}>}round( LastModifiedDate_Task-CreatedDate_Task))


                      The second condition is:



                      =only({<Categoria__c={'Attivazione'},Subject={'Verifica e correzione dei dati'},State__c={'Attivo'},Status_Task={'Completata'},Stato_Pipeline={'7 Non fatturabile'}>}round( LastModifiedDate_Task-CreatedDate_Task))



                      How can i do to have the difference of two date in one expression?


                      Thank you