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    JMeter Log File not creating qvd issue

    Tammy Milsom



      I am looking for advice or to see if anybody has had similar problems with this.


      I have installed JMeter and support QV tools to analyse.  The issue is when I run the QVD Generator it does not load/create the JMeter log file.


      • The JMeter script is looking for a .txt file but after I have run the QlikViewTestScriptGenerate in QlikView Scalability Tools 0.7, the JMeter log file created in the Data Collector is a .csv.  I have tried altering the file extension and also telling the script to look at all files not just .txt but get error.


      • Excel version 2010, tried on two pcs tried on V.14, one version 0.6 and the other 0.7 release.  There is a difference in opening the file, one has commas and apostrophes where the earlier version opens the file in a column format.


      • JMeter is 2.11


      I have tested the setup works correctly by loading log txt files from another test and this works.


      So before progressing I was looking to see if anyone else has experienced this, if you know if the latest version or can advise on:

      • Is there any documentation about what versions of software or system pre-requisites required.
      • Would a later version of JMeter help?
      • If there is a setting somewhere to change the format of the file created?
      • Should I look into trying to alter the script in the QVD Generator to pick up the .csv type file.
      • Should I be on a certain version of Excel.


      I am just throwing a lot of possible ideas out there and looking for any advice as I feel I don't have a definite route or direction to go down to resolve the issue.


      Meta.csv button the macro doesn't run.  I don't know if this could be linked or another issue that I will need to look at.


      Thank you.

        • Re: JMeter Log File not creating qvd issue
          Sebastian Fredenberg

          Hi Tammy,


          First of all, when using the qvw:s used for the ScalabilityTools you need to allow any macro. If macros are not allowed that might explain why the meta.csv is not created.


          For the jmeter logfile, unless that format is edited manually in jmeter it should output a .txt file in the JmeterExecutions folder. The format should be like this: MyTest_Server01_[50-500--1]_140424144758.txt

          It sounds to me that the csv mentioned is in fact the performance counters (serverlogs) as they are fetched from the Data Collector Set folder from the server. Their format is like Server01_Processes20140401-000162.csv


          In short, you need to copy the performance counters from the server to the ServerLogs folder. Then copy the jmeter file from the JmeterExecutions to the JmeterLogs folder. The ServerMetaFetcher.qvw should then be run and the ServerInfo.xml file that is generated should be put in the Folderstructure used for the analyzer (same level as JMeterLogs and Serverlogs folders). After this the QVD:s can be generated and then results can be analyzed.


          Hope that helps