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    Traffic Light Question

    David Young

      I have the following information:


      Here is what my application shows:


      ListBox one contains all the products we have. (Product1,Product2,Product3,etc)

      ListBox two contains all the industries we serve. (Industry1, Industry2, Industry3, etc)


      Here is what I would like to show.


      AcctNumber          OrganizationName               ProductName          Traffic Light  

      123                         Balls Store                              Product1

      123                         Balls Store                              Product2

      234                         Pales Store                             Product1               (green light)

      345                         Young Store                            Product1

      345                         Young Store                            Product2

      456                         Hall Store                                Product1               (green light)


      Is there a way to do this?  The reason I am need this information is they are my upsell opportunities.  Any suggestions would be helpful.