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    Gauge chart and Data Reload problem

      Hi All,

      I have this query in SQL that returns the average duration of a data call made by subscribers.

      select avg(duration) from
      select (max(event_date)-min(event_date)) duration from usage_table
      where subscriber_id is not null and session_id is not null
      group by subscriber_id, session_id


      My requirement is to represent the average duration in QlikView. I was thinking of a gauge chart indicating the average duration but couldn't figure out the implementation.All the fields (event_date, subscriber_id and session_id) are read from a flat table.

      Please help me on this. Any alternative representation is also welcome.

      Another problem with data reloading:

      I have a QVW file that contains data from a large table. Reloading this table takes about 6-7 hours.

      Now, I need to load from several smaller tables. So, if I add Load (and corresponding SQL) statements in Edit Script and reload, it reloads the large table too, which I want to avoid reloading. If I put an exit script statement, the QVW file loses the data from the large table.

      So, how do I address this issue? Any best practices (creation of qvd file, etc) are welcome.