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    Script: Where not exists

    Simon Brulotte


      I've got this working in a little environment:


      LOAD  EntiteID
      [An excel file...]
      ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Entités par groupe]);

      Load Distinct  "Entite_Comptable_ID" as EntiteIDS
      where not exists (EntiteID,"Entite_Comptable_ID") ;
      SQL select
      FROM a source.GL.vCharte_Comptable_Avec_Descr;

      I get a sweet table with all my EntiteID in the GL chart of account that do not exist in the excel file mapping the EntitiID with a group.

      Now I get this in my main script. Put it before I load a complete Chart of accounts, but after I loaded the excel file.

      I get an empty table...

      I know it's because my EntiteID exists in my complete chart of accounts, but I thought that compiling this table with a where not exists BEFORE compiling the complete chart of accounts would allow me to have not exists of EntiteID from strictly the excel file...


      Take a look at the structure attached, you might unerstand what I am talking about.