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    Power user in Qlikview


      Hi All,


      Do we have power user concept in Qlikview ?


      If yes what are the extra things he can do apart from normal user in qlikview ?




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          Bill Britt



          Years ago there was three options for the desktop.

          1. Developer

          2. Professional

          3. Analyzer


          However, the desktop is now only Developer




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            Peter Cammaert

            Not as such. Roles are not really hardcoded any more.


            However, QlikView customers quickly discern between "End-users" with minimal insight into QlikView technology - e.g. AP visitors that consult and analyse business data after getting the 3-minute training - and "Power Users" with deeper knowledge of QV data modelling and behavior - e.g. end-users that are able and allowed to develop their own objects/sheets/models in the QlikView Acess Point and even distribute those amongst co-workers.


            And then you have Developers and Administrators.


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