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    Possibility to extract only relevant csv data from one xml element?

      Dear all, I am a student currently trying to learn more about the loading script within QlikView.

      I have an xml file from a statistic database, which I can generate directly through the web.

      The first problem I have is that I only want to load the data from one element <TabellenDaten>.

      The data within <TabellenDaten> is csv with semicolon. The problem is that it includes the legend (key) and further descriptions, which I don't want to import.

      Summing up, I want to tell QlikView :

      1. To import only the data from the element <TabellenDaten>

      2. To only include a part of this content


      Please let me know if this description is sufficient.

      It would be great if you could provide help for this problem.

      I already searched this forum, but could not find any hints.


      Kind regards and thank you



      PS: I added an exemplary xml file to outline the problem