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    Draw a time series/time line chart



      I am new to Qlikview. I wanted to achieve the kind of plot shown in attachment. This is how i tried doing it.

      1. I have the data in excel. Three columns: Date, Start Time, End Time (ex: 06/06/2013     12:15:00     12:30:00)

      2. I used line chart, horizontal representation, i.e. Dimension on X-axis is: Date. The expressions are Time([Start Time],'hh:mm:ss')) and Time([End Time],'hh:mm:ss'). The result is shown in attachment "How far i succeeded.jpg". I could put two points where the Start TIme and End Time was, but dont know how to join them.


      Here is what i am missing.

      1. Join Start Time and End Time using a line. All the events (each event is shown by a bar from Start Time to End Time) in a day will be shown using multiple bars.

      2. The horizontal axis is the time axis representing 24 hrs, scale preferably 1 hour.


      Thanks in advance.