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    Counting Values in a Bar chart

      Hi all,


      My name is Jelger and i am just beginning with Qlikview to aid a customer of my companies scheduling application.

      I have a question regarding combining imported formula outcomes in a Bar Chart.


      for example:


      I have a value per day: Monday 9:00 Tuesday 8:00 and Wednesday 7:30 (the values ar worked hours imported from a Scheduling application)

      I'm trying to create a bar chart where per month/week/day the total number of worked hours are shown.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I’ve tried everything to count or sum the amount of worked hours but the values shown in the Bar Chart are not correct.

      when I use =ONLY(expression) i get the right value in the bar chart but counting the different day values  up won't work.


      Thanks in advance!