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    how generate the error log in qlikview

    Bhumika Kandpal


      I am new to qlikview.

      While the log file is generated after refreshing the qvw, I have given the option to generate the log file. whenever the reload is failed error msg is generated in the log file. I want to save that error msg in some other text file or in some other area where I can see only the error log.

      I tried it using the batch file, but I am not able to do as I dont know how bach file works.

      If anyone can help me with this using batch file or any other method so that I can see my error msg differently?

        • Re: how generate the error log in qlikview
          Friedrich Hofmann

          Hi Bhumika,


          with the log_file you have the option of saving it with a time_stamp or without one - in the latter case, it will be overwritten the next time your app runs.

          There are, however, exact copies - which are not overwritten - on the server where your QV_Server is installed, probably in C/Program_Data/QlikTech/DistributionService/1/Log - there is a folder with a datestamp and in that there is one folder for every single reload of that day where you can still find your logs. - so I don't really see the point in having them all redundantly by activating the timestamping ...

          Then you only have the challenge of somehow "remembering" when an error occured during reload.

          There is a system_variable in QlikView, ErrorCount or so, that you can use to find out whether there was an error - with that you could build an IF_THEN block to generate some small txt file, you only need the timestamp there since with that you can always find the log you need in the logging_folders (set in the QMC).



          Best regards,




          P.S.: Oh - easier - you can see in the QMC the exact times when errors occured during reload - when you select a task (don't run it, just highlight) and click "Show task details" and activate the "History" tab. That log doesn't show you that much - but all you need is the time, then you can look in the log_folders.