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    Qlik and Python

      I am looking at analytic integration for Qlik have seen multiple posts regarding integration with R.


      QlikView and R Integration for Predictive Analytics Example

      OpenCPU, R & QlikView Integration Example



      I haven't been able to find anything similar with Qlik and Python either here or on the web generally. Does anyone have experience this or could they point me to posts I might have missed?

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          Hi, Francis.

          Simplest way to integrate scripting language with interpreter is using EXECUTE command in  QlikView script.

          For example:




               Sum(Sales) as Sales,


          Resident MySalesTable

          Group By Date;


          Store AggrSalesTable into AggrSalesTable.csv(txt);


          EXEC {myScript}//This script using AggrSalesTable.csv calculate your data and store this data to CalculatedSalesData.csv;





          From CalculatedSalesData.csv;



          Sorry, but my english so so

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            Troy Dunaway

            I am getting the following error:


            "Script line error:: return"


            when I am trying to run a python script from Qlik Sense editor. My code is below:


            execute C:\Finance\Finance Model\FE_Recodes.py;



            I have made the necessary changes in Settings.ini