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    PDF Reports not printing fonts in colors (SR6)

    Jaime Aguilar

      Hi everyone,

      I'm having an issue with PDF Reports. I am currently using PDF report distribution add-on, and everything was ok until I recently upgraded to version 11.20 SR 6. I noticed that straight/pivot tables that had visual cues to represent font in different colors (like for example if expression is < 100, then red() ) stopped working. I tried in another server and the result was the same, I can see print just font in black. I'd like, if possible, that anybody could reproduce this issue in another server with the PDF Report distribution installed, so I would like to know if it's really a bug or just something's wrong with my installation.


      Note: I've also tried with expression properties > font color > changing it to something different to black, but the result is the same


      I attach some sample data to illustrate my issue


      This is what I see in QlikView:



      This is what I get when I send this table to a PDF file:picture2.png


      Thanks in advance