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    remove similar but not identical data from qvx

      Dear everyone,


      I am not sure anymore how I ended in this situation, but here's the issue.


      I have a qvx to which I am appending data every week.

      But for one week I have double entries; these are not mirrored but rather similar to each other.


      Example here below:


      Timestampnum(timestamp)CustomerDataWhat to do
      07-04-14 7:02:52 PM41.736,79365740740500A10KEEP
      07-04-14 7:02:52 PM41.736,79365740740500B20KEEP
      07-04-14 7:02:52 PM41.736,79365740740500C15KEEP
      07-04-14 7:02:52 PM41.736,79365740740500D


      07-04-14 7:02:52 PM




      Basically the timestamp look (almost) the same.


      I tried to exclude data with


      LOAD *
      WHERE NOT WildMatch(num(timestamp),'41736.7936574073*');

      with no success


      For the data I want to keep there is a full dataset.

      The data I want to remove, just the first customer has been stored and data is somewhat similar but not identical to the data I want to keep.


      Amount of data is 500k records (under customer A only) and 20 fields or so.

      How can I proceed to remove that second part of data?


      many many thanks