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    Pareto Distinct Count

    Manuel Raggi

      Hi all!

      I need to solve this tricky problem and I really appreciate to receive your help.

      In my DataSource I have a fact table with some sales records releated to a lookup table with some customers details.

      I built a report for PARETO ANALYSIS with one table and one slider (for percentage set-up).

      I'm trying to add a text object, not related with first pareto-table, to count the number of customers under the selected pareto percentage

      (A-Class Customers).

      Some other informations:

      - the sales value is releated to current year

      - the name of the "sales-field" is in a variable

      I'm triyng to change this formula because i think it doesn't count the customers name distinctly (proper count=155, text obj count=897)


      =Count( DISTINCT If((Aggr(RangeSum(Top(Sum({<Year={$(varCurrentYear)},Month={"<=$(varCurrentMonth)"},Day={"<=31"}>}$(varSales)), 1, RowNo()))

      / RangeSum(Top(Sum({<Year={$(varCurrentYear)},Month={"<=$(varCurrentMonth)"},Day={"<=31"}>}$(varSales)), 1, NoOfRows())), Customer_ds)*100)

      < $(varParetoPerc), Customer_ds, Null()))