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    Using a calculated dimension in Aggr()

      Hello fellow qlikviewers,


      I was wondering about wether it was possible to use a calculated dimension to aggregate by using the Aggr() function.

      I have a dataset where data is logged every second, which I would like to, for example, aggregate per 15 minutes.


      I can make a straight table chart using


      as a dimension. This would however not enable me to take the average of each result.


      I tried using the following (example):


      But it seems the Aggr() function won't accept this (getting no results).

      I've also attached a quick example


      What I can do is create a new field during the load script the create the value which I wish to aggregate by (Floor(900) in above examples), but I would prefer not to have to do this.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!


      Kind regards,