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    EDX in Ajax

      Hello everybody,


      After contacting the Qonciege support about a problem on implementation of CallEDXFromAjax extension, this extension permit to call an edx task from Ajax by clicking a button directly in web view.



      On the desktop Qlikview, when i add extension (.qar file), the pluggin is available, but when i drag and drop it on my sheet, there is no button displayed in the frame as you can see in the picture below. QV screenshot EDX Ajax.jpg


      This operation was tested on different versions of Qlikview (11 SR2 & 11 SR4).


      Do you have any idea about that issue ?



        • Re: EDX in Ajax

          Hi Gaetan,

          Wondering if you had made any progress on this issue?

          I got the button to appear and work in Webview on Desktop but it does not work from the Access Point in either Firefox, IE or Chrome.  I had read a suggestion about adding the access point to trusted sites in IE but that has not allowed the button to appear either.

          Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.