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    Script tabs - How to quickly export them

    Antoine Frangieh



      As mentioned in the forums and the excellent book QlikView 11 for Developers, the use of tabs in script are primordial to structure the code and make it readable.


      I would like to know whether there is an easy way to export these, in a similar manner as i.e. we do for tables that have been loaded.

      I've tried exporting the script and loading the file as input; and am getting some weird results.


      Many thanks,



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          christian juillard



          yes  open the "edit script" menu,

          then on "file" menu click on "open external script file"  and save it where you want


          it is a qvs file   read as a txt file



          to get it back in a script  use $(include=pathname/filename.qvs)

          best regards


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              Antoine Frangieh

              Christian, thanks for input.

              I'll clarify by giving a simple example.


              Suppose that my script is divided into 4 tabs:

              Main, LoadDimension1, LoadDimension2, LoadFact


              What I do not want

              is to reinject the script using an include statement.


              What I am looking for

              When I export the script, the tabs are identified as ////$tab

              I want to have a list of these tabs in a small table called T1.


              In other terms, I expect a table that has the following structure on input:

              LOAD * INLINE [