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    Tree view selectable node parent

      hi guys i'am a little new with this so my problem how can i create a TreeView with Hierarchy, my Tree it's simple is:



      I already tried some tutorials with hierarchy load but something is not right with the syntax, i also made the treeView with this expression

      =AllRegions & '/' & Region & '/' & RaiserPlantName i cant select the parents.


      This is my script to Load the Regions and Continents:


      LOAD * INLINE [

          AllRegions, Region

          Global, AP

        Global, EU

        Global, NA

        Global, SA



      LOAD * INLINE [

          Region, RaiserPlantID

          EU, 351E

          NA, 179B

          NA, 179A

          NA, 295A

          NA, 1215

          NA, 1225

          SA, ALTAA

          AP, 604E

          AP, 710B

          AP, 710A

          AP, 6605

          AP, 6865



      LOAD * INLINE [

          RaiserPlantID, RaiserPlantName

          351E,  Palmela

          179A,  Carolinas

          179B,  Saucito

          ALTAA, Manaus

          295A,  VDSO

          1215,  NA Aftmkt - 1

          1225,  NA Aftmkt - 2

          604E,  VASI

          6605,  VEK

          710A,  VHP

          710B,  VJL delivery

          6865,  VETL