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    Show Value of Expression

    Manish Chauhan

      I have line charts and I wish to show value a string value on the line chart at the beginning and end of the line. The string value I wish to show is concatenation of string and the value of that expression.


      So the expression are (these are the three lines) with the Date as the dimension.


      Exposure of A

      Exposure of B

      Exposure of C


      in each expression I have Show Value attribute set as follows. This allows me to visually show the expression at two points only, the Start date and End date of the line.

      (Ladder_Date=MAX(TOTAL Ladder_Date) OR Ladder_Date=MIN(TOTAL Ladder_Date), 1, 0)


      However I want to show the value as "A - <expression value>" and not just "<expression value>". So I wish to see on the start and beginning of the each line


      So for example on the first expression line I wish to see

      Start: "A - 160%"

      End: "A - 180%"


      For second expression

      Start: "B-130%"

      End: "B-86%"




      Any ideas how I can set the value that is displayed on the chart as an expression I can define?