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    How to delete tasks in QV management console ?



      I've deleted some QV application in the mounted folder but I still can see the task  in Status > Tasks.


      How can I delete it ?


      I've read several posts talking about going into Document> Source Document  but i don't have "Source Document" in the Document tab, I only have user Document.


      I don't know why ?

      Moreover, I use Qlikview Management Console and not QV Enterprise Management Console (don't know if that matters..)


      Thanks for your help !

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          Ashfaq Mohammed


          you need to create an empty/Blank application with the same name as previous.

          Then remove tasks first, then you can delete application.




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            Peter Cammaert

            And regarding your other questions:

            • The Source Documents tab only appears if you have a Publisher. Without a publisher, there is only a User Documents tab, and all suggestions apply there as well.
            • In v9 QEMC and QMC were the separate identities of the current QMC. Ever since v10, there is only one Management Console. Indeed it doesn't matter for you.


            As Ashfaq says, create dummy documents with the exact same name and in the exact same spot (subdirectories are important!) as the deleted documents. The documents can have a 0 bytes size, so this can be done with Notepad. As long as you rename the text files to something.qvw.

            After that, check your User Documents tree. The deleted documents should have reappeared, including the missing tasks. Delete the tasks (and any Document CALs you may have assigned to those documents, or they will become lost too) and then remove the documents. Now, the Task overview should reflect a correct situation.