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    QlikView Access Point redirecting to qlikview/FormLogin.htm

      Hi guys,


      we are struggling with a small problem. One of our customers would like a clean url to their QlikView AccesPoint, this means without the word QlikView in it.


      The problem is, when you try to access the Access Point and we are not logged in, we will get redirected from: "accespointurl.com/index.htm" -> "accespointurl.com/qlikview/FormLogin.htm"


      When we login we get redirected to "accespointurl.com/qlikview/index.htm" and when we retype the url to "accespointurl.com" we get redirected to "accespointurl.com/index.htm" which is the good url!


      We tried these solutions:

      Editing the config.xml inside C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer

      Opening the management console and adding a blanc name field in web tab

      Editting all links inside: index.htm, FormLogin.htm, login.js, accespoint.js


      But nothing seems to work! Does anyone knows if its even possible to achieve this? Otherwise we will stop trying and spent our time to do something better


      Thanks in advance!


      Greetings, Kvb