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    SAP Extractor Connector: Err Timeout while waiting for SAP data

      Dear all,


      We're using the QlikView SAP Extractor connector to load SAP hierarchies to QlikView. For each of the following data sources we have a specific QvD-GeneratorFile to load the data to QlikView:



      Last weekend we did a SAP Upgrade to:

      SAP Basis NW 7.40, SP 5

      SAP ECC 6.0, EhP 7, SP3


      Unfortunately since then the QlikView Publisher process chain to load the above hierarchies doesn't succeed any more (Err Timeout while waiting for SAP data => see attached LOG-File). According to the log files in QlikView and SAP the IDoc files are correctly provided by SAP, but the QlikView Extractor Connector doesn't collect the requested data and therefore runs in a timeout after 7200s. This results in a failed task in the QMC, the according jobstatus in the SAP table /QTQVC/STATUS remains S (started) and all following QlikView Extractor tasks will fail.


      As the load process succeeds from time to time when exectued manually the scirpt should not be the problem.


      We already had a similar problem before when loading the hierarchy structure E1RSHIV:



      UPDMODE H   // Hierarchy extractor

      TFRMETHOD I   // Idoc transfer method


      HIERLANGUAGE English




      // E1RSHND - Data transfer Idoc: Hierarchy nodes

      // E1RSHIV - Data transfer Idoc: Hierarchy intervals

      // E1RSHFT - Data transfer Idoc: Name of node that cannot be posted to


      In this case whenever an hiearchy doesn't contains any intervals but just direct assigned nodes, no data will be selected by the above request. Unfortunately QlikView doesn't seem to notice this and will wait till timeout is reached. This particular problem was already reported quite a while ago to Qlik Support but isn't still confirmed or solved. But as built a workaround with an if clause to check whether an interval exists, this sholudn't be the problem this time.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          heloise urbain

          Hi! Any news on the matter? I happen to have the same problem, the same extractor was working every day and suddenly yesterday did this strange log:


          (2014-08-03 23:13:27) Information: Slow down logging. Log every <300> seconds.

          (2014-08-04 00:03:27) Information: Reloading..........

          (2014-08-04 00:08:27) Information: Slow down logging. Log every <600> seconds.

          (2014-08-04 00:08:27) Information: Reloading

          (2014-08-04 00:10:13) Information: The Source Document reload complete.

          (2014-08-04 00:10:13) Information: Memory Allocation Delta for this file=5.11 Mb. Available Physical Memory Before Reload=9318.91 Mb. Available Physical Memory After Reload=9176.71 Mb. Total Physical Memory=9176.71 Mb.

          (2014-08-04 00:10:14) Error: The Source Document was NOT reloaded successfully.

          (2014-08-04 00:10:14) Information: Closing the document.

          (2014-08-04 00:10:14) Information: Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=4412

          (2014-08-04 00:10:15) Error: The task "Extract/ExtractRTP.qvw" failed.




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            Bug was corrected with QlikView SAP Connector 5.8 SR4


            Extract from Release notes:

            When using the IDOC method for the connector (extracting hierarchies) there was a timing issue between SAP and QV SAP Network server. SAP was sending data packets before the job was properly registered. This resulted in lost packages and the reload failed. This is now corrected.