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    Set Analysis Help

    David Young

      I have attached a copy of my Prototype App and the Source File.  What you will see is two list boxes and a chart listing.  What I want to accomplish is create a second chart listing for up sells.  I am going to use ProductCode = MD as my base.  With that said in the second chart my up sells would be everyone except for Org 1, Org 5, and Org 8 because they already own ProductCode = MD and ITD. 


      I am not sure how to handle this since the list boxes control what you see and I need to have both charts.  Is this something I could do with an Input Box or Alternate State?  I have been researching ideas but have not come across anything yet.




        • Re: Set Analysis Help
          Jeremiah Kurpat

          Can you be more specific to what you want displaying in your second chart according to your selections? You can use calculated dimensions like:


          =aggr(only({<OrganizationName = {"=count(distinct ProductCode)<=1 and ProductCode = 'MD'"}>}OrganizationName), OrganizationName)


          to reduce what organizations will be popping up. You may also move the set analysis into any expressions you are using. But I am not sure exactly what you want to be achieved.


          Hope this helps!