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    Niranjan k

      Dear All,


      I have a issue i developed Bar Chart which has two legends

      the legends are showing one by one

      how can i make it side by side in Two legends


      any setting for do this please help me

      Like image format i want to develop my chart


      Thanks in Advance


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          Holding down control and shift and the same time will allow you to drag different components of your chart. See if this helps.

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            Friedrich Hofmann

            Hi Niru Niru,


            I don't quite understand just what you want to do. The legend is by default generated automatically (when you tick the corresp. checkbox). You can drag it around by clicking in the charting area and then holding Ctrl+Shift, but you cannot split it - to do that, you'd have to untick that checkbox and instead use free_text_boxes ("presentation" tab) to create your own.


            Best regards,