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    Counting Customers with Multiple Products

    paul edrich

      Hi and thanks for the help I have searched Help & the community.


      My objective is to create a Pivot table which will show a variety of purchasing combinations which Count the transactions completed by each customer in the year the transaction took place, my problem is that I cant get the syntax of the expression correct.


      I have a transaction table with multiple products, Fields are - TransID, CustID, TransDate, ProductType I have year as my dimension.


      So if Customer 1 had purchased product A (2014) & B (2013) and customer 2 had bought product A (2014) only customer 1 would be included in the count.


      My expression Count ({$<ProductType={A,B}>}CustID) returns Product B sales - Even Explicit Count({$<ProductType = p {A,B}>CustID) doesn't return what I expected.


      Thanks again.