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    Half Monthly Reporting Using Master Calendar

    Tushar Suvarna

      Hi ,


      I have a report to plot tracking Half Monthly  Counts and Premiums  for which i use a master calendar  all i need is a field

      which indicates if a given date ie  01/03/2014 falls in  1st half of the month or 2nd half . I know i can  do a >15    or <15  if else condition to achieve it but i was wondering is we could use any Date Functions of Qlikview Script to build it ?


      StatusFeb - 1st HalfFeb - 2nd HalfMar - 1st HalfMar - 2nd HalfApr - 1st HalfApr - 2nd HalfMay - 1st HalfTotal
        • Re: Half Monthly Reporting Using Master Calendar
          Stefan Wühl

          No, I don't know a specialized date function for that purpose. But as you said, creating a flag in your master calendar should be easy, like


          LOAD *,

               Month & ' - ' & Half as MonthHalf;



               Month(Date) as Month,

               if(Day(Date) < 15, dual('1st Half',1), dual('2nd Half',2) ) as Half,


          FROM ...;


          or adapt the condition to how you want to distinguish your halfs.