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    Text Object wiht Action



      I have a text object with the following Actions:


      Select in Field:

      Field: Cases

      Search String: Open Calls


      Select in Field:

      Field: logdate

      Search String: =minstring({1<[Cases]-={'Closed Calls'}  >} [logdate])


      Activate Sheet:

      Sheet ID: SH02


      This takes me to the next sheet and selected all of the Open Calls where the logdate is the earliest in the list so basically it pulls through the oldest date.  (Currently shows a case 741 days old)

      However if I select a specific department such as Desktop, the Oldest case show the oldest case in that department, but if I then click on the text object, it still pulls through the case that shows 741 days.  Is there a way to change this so it shows the oldest case per department when I click on the text object.




      Jon Ditchfield