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    Expression not working on different server



      I have written the following expression in a text_object: =count(if(closedate = null() and priority = 'Priority 1', priority))


      On my computer which is a Windows XP machine (32-bit) the code is working fine and pulling through a value of 1.


      However when I transfer this over to the Qlik Server which is a Windows 2008 (64-bit), the same expression is pulling through a value of 0.


      I have set the ODBC drivers to force 32-bit and reloaded but this makes no difference.


      I am using the following Qlik Versions:


      My Computer:  Qlikview 11.20.12235.0 SR5

      Qlik Server:      Qlikview 11.20.12235.0 SR5 64-Bit Edition (x64)


      Would someone be able to help me on this please?




      Jon Ditchfield