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    Multiple referred lines on a graph

    Luca V

      Hi everybody,

      I have made the graph "a.jpg" attached.

      I would like to create a referred line for each bar but i want a shorter line.

      The line doesn't go across each bar but only across its referred bar. (like green lines on attached "b.jpg")

      Is that possible ?

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          Massimo Grossi

          I think (workaround) you can use a combo chart, add an expression and replace the line with symbols


          there is a possible (it seems a bit complex) solution at

          qvdesign wordpress com


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            Jeremiah Kurpat

            You won't be able to use reference lines to do that kind of job. You'll probably have to change your chart to a combo chart like maxgro mentions then create an extra expression for those bars. You'll have to use a symbol instead:

            Chart Prop.PNG.png


            Here is an example chart with dots:


            Bar chart.PNG.png


            There are other symbols as well, but none that match a vertical bar.


            If you are insistent on the vertical bars, you may use a bar instead and then play around with the bar offset and then in the expression, you'd have to figure out how wide you would want it:




            But this may add some complexity.


            Hope this helps!