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    Can someone please help?

    Samuel Vile

      I have the following script which joins a couple of tables by UniqueKey, what I now want to do is create an additional field based on the newly created table. I can get it to work but the data is growing when I don't believe is should be, can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong...or maybe a better way of doing it?



      LOAD UniqueKey,


      FROM [Combined.qvd]


      Left Join (AWDCombined)

      LOAD UniqueKey,


      SQL SELECT *



      Left Join (AWDCombined)

      LOAD UniqueKey,

           if(Len(SchemeNo)>6,NGSSchemeNo,SchemeNo) as RealSchemeNo

      Resident AWDCombined;


      Like I say, the above does work, it just seems to cause the underlying data to grow and I don't know why.