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    Dimension two-line

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a "chart" (barchart) with historical values on every one of my chart_sheets (it is not a real chart because it does not have a real dimension, only a constructed one, made up of the two data_points

      - "prior_week"

      - "prior_month".

      My issue with that is, it is two-line, like

      - 'prior_week'& chr(10) & 'week' & week(today())

      or so.

      Usually I have my dimensions diagonal, but then I'd have to make the charting_area too small to accommodate it all - I want to align that more or less with another chart (the "real" one which shows the current values) to the right of it.

      <=> When I change that to having the dimensions horizontally, the second line somehow gets lost.


      => Can someone tell me why that happens? Having it horizontally seems like a solution, but I need the second line, too.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,