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    Load differents qlikviews from input box


      Hi, i need to develop a qlikview that has to load data from differents databases. My customer have to select the company (the list of companies are load from a xls) he wants to analyze and then i need to change the datasource connection to load the mdb of the selected company (all the mdbs are equal but with the info of one company) or i need to load the qvd passing a parameter to load the correct mdb. Is this posible? How?


      Thanks in advance

        • Load differents qlikviews from input box

          As per my understanding you are extracting data from more than 1 country or more than 1 datasource ,So you can do one thing..........


          Make different types of Qvd Generator to pull data from various datasources .This qvd generator will make qvd in a common folder (QVD ) then you can give path into your applictaion for this common folder to relaod data.

          example : suppose i am having data base from 4 different type of location and erps

          1.Oracle apps

          2. sap




          make 4 qvd generator for 4 different databases and give the common name in all qvd generator to pull data

          then you can use this comon folder to relaod your data.

          this approach should work or let me know.