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    Need help creating Field From within Field with Text

      !Hi Guys, I need some help, Actually a lot of help I am currently working on a database, where I need to extract information from an Email Client and one of the fields I need to Extract from is the actual email which contains some important info and some irrelevant stuff  Here is the example


      Operating Company:  DD01      Topic: Customer Service        Request Type: Budget Billing     Address  4 Blah st.      City Bordan State: PA  Zip: 22222    Country: USA
      Operating Company:  CR01      Topic: Billing/Rate          Requst Type: Bill Inquiry     Address  85 Blah st.      City Crowley State: PA  Zip: 224442    Country: USA
      Sent: Friday, May 11, 2014  11:20: AM  TO Rodger   Forsester Request and include request Number below, Thank You for visiting.


      I need to create Fields showing The fields underneath and make sure the other mails that are useless not to go in to the fields


      Operating CompanyTopicRequest TypeAddressCityStateZIP
      DD01Customer ServiceBudget Billing4 Blah st.BordanPA
      CR01Bill Inquiry85 Blah stCrowleyPA22242


      Any help would be greatly appreciated , thank you guys.  First time Posting a question, so if I placed it in the wrong place forgive me most of the problems I have are answered.. this is a bit of a doozy for me.