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    Separating arguments from a cell in Excel worksheet upon loading in Qlikview

    Todd Kaiser

      Trying to figure out how to separate arguments within a cell from an Excel spreadsheet upon the load into Qlikview app.  I have attached a sample.  I will need the script rather than the .qvw.  I was familiar with the Peek function when I have data in separate rows.  This question is when the arguments are in the same row.  Here is what I started with for scripting:



      if(len([Dept. #])>0,[Dept. #],peek('1')) as [SAM Dept. #],

      if(len([Station / TLID])>0,[Station / TLID],peek('1')) as [SAM Station / TLID],

      if(len([Q-note #])>0,[Q-note #],peek('1')) as [SAM Q-note #],

      if(len([Dev.Description])>0,[Dev.Description],peek('1')) as [SAM Dev.Description],

      if(len([Deviation])>0,[Deviation],peek('1')) as [SAM Deviation Owner],

      if(len([Reference ETN])>0,[Reference ETN],peek('1')) as [SAM Reference ETN],

      if(len([Material])>0,[Material],peek('1')) as [SAM Material In],

      Qty as [Qty In],

      Sloc as [Sloc In],

      Material1 as [Material Out],

      Qty1 as [Qty Out],

      Sloc1 as [Sloc Out],

      [Dev. Request Status],

      [Dev. Start Date],

      [Dev. Actual End Date (Q-note closed)],

      [NCCA #],

      [Decision #],

      [Decision effective Date]