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    How to add data/value in the expression not in the script

    Darri Hilmarsson

      Hi, QV community


      I need to some help to add data in the expression.

      I have an example for you guys to see.

      I will talk about the example because you understand better if you look at it.

      First take a look at the example before read my explanation.


      One Job Number (AARS10) which is the same number as the console Job has information about the cost and Container Type.

      The other Job Numbers (AARS11 and AARS12) have information about the revenues and nothing about the container type as you can see in the QlikView file.


      I need the to get the same Container Types value in all my jobs. So when I filter Container Type "40HC" I will get all the jobs not only AARS10.


      My it is possible to use the Consol Job number


      Any ideas?