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    Expression Data Exclude

    Jeremy Schmitt

      I currently am summing and creating some numbers from an amount field. I noticed my sums were coming out too high and I finally realized I was including some amounts I should not be. Below is the current Expression I have created to get what I need.


      (row_fields = 'Gross IRR' or row_fields = 'Net IRR', num(sum(BL_Value)/sum(investment), '#,###.##%'),num(sum(amount),'#,##0'))


      I have added the below underlined to try an exclude data matching these field requirements, I thought I placed it correctly within the function, the editor says "Expression OK", but it is not removing what I had expected. I would like to know if I am placing this correctly or is there another way I can write this? Is this the best way to exclude this data specific to this chart? I need the data brought in for another chart.



      (row_fields = 'Gross IRR' or row_fields = 'Net IRR', num(sum(BL_Value)/sum(investment), '#,###.##%'),
      if(portfpool <> 'ONETIME' or portfpool <> 'MICROLN' or portfpool <> 'CONSOLID' or portfpool <> 'CIRCAP',  num(sum(amount),'#,##0')))