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      Hi All


      I have a problem getting 'RANK' to work for me.


      My client produces certain items  and these items all have minimum stock quantities.  He wants a dashboard with 10 or so gauges indicating items which has fallen below these minimum quantities. There are never more than 5 or 6 items which are below minimum qty's. on any given day.


      I'm trying to achieve this -


      Item          MinQty     InStock     Critical     Rank

      D074          12               10               2          3

      D075          10                 9               1          4

      B65             20               15              5          1

      B45             16               15              1          5

      G34            20                17             3           2


      So the gauges will have a conditional show based on whether Critical > 0 and the leftmost gauge on the screen will display the item with the highest rank (B45), the gauge to the right of that gauge will be the 2nd highest rank (D075) and so on.


      I'm including a sample of the QV doc. How can I get Rank to work, please.