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    Option Price Calculator

      Hello Qliksters


      After seeing a question today on greek calculations in Qlik, I became curious, and knocked up the attached option pricing dashboard.

      I did notice a price difference from that I derived, and that of the built-in blackscholes function, which whilst small, should be examined further.


      The dashboard includes the following 1st and 2nd order greeks for both Calls and puts

      - Delta

      - Gamma

      - Theta

      - Vega



      I have tried to use variable functions where posible, so that it may be reused.



      - Pricing for european options

      - dividends are noted as continuous divident yields.


      Interested in any feedback. I will try next to put together a quick binomial model to accommodate american options with discreet dividends. The attached is appropriate for pricing options on indexes, which are typically european with div yields.



      - Greeks.qvw

      - Option pricing.pdf (formula sheet from recent risk management exam)



      Stu Ward