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    Expressor - Reusing SQL scripts

    Rajiv Maskara



      I am fairly new to the qlikview expressor. I have two basic questions.


      i) If I already have SQL scripts written to extract data from databases(prior to using expressor), can I re-use those scripts to extract data from databases through expressor or will I have to write the script logic again in expressor?


      ii) I understand that through an expressor we can create a deployment package which can then be reused across expressor instances. However, is the deployment package reusable by any other ETL tool?


      Thanks in advance.



      Rajiv Maskara

        • Re: Expressor - Reusing SQL scripts

          If you have a valid SQL SELECT statement, that statement may be reused within the Expressor SQL Query operator.  You could simply copy/paste that statement into the operator.  The operator will then confirm the validity of the statement and generate the associated Schema.  Before you can configure the SQL Query operator, however, you will need to create a Connection artifact to the target database.




          An Expressor deployment package is a collection of XML files that provide direction to the Expressor engine.  Also included are XML files that contain runtime configuration settings.


          It would not be possible to use this deployment package with other ETL tools.