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    Set analysis question on sum of dimension column across fact record

      Hi, all.


      I have "fact" data that looks like this:


      Fact KeyDimension KeyStart_TimeEnd_Time
      114/1/2014 00:01:004/1/2014 00:01:45
      214/1/2014 00:01:304/1/2014 00:01:55
      324/1/2014 00:01:374/1/2014 00:02:00
      434/1/2014 00:01:424/1/2014 00:02:13


      And, dimensional data that looks like this:

      Dimension KeyEventTotalAttemptsSuccess
      1Pay Bill100
      3Check Balance100


      I'm trying to create a chart with a straight table that shows me the total sum for each event, narrowed down by time and time zone selections.


      I've brought the total dimension into my straight table, and have applied this expression:

      SUM({<$(='['&[~tz]&' Date]')={">=$(=Vstartdate)<=$(=Venddate)"}>} event_total)


      However, the values I get are less than what I'm expecting, and don't balance with a table viewer object I'm using for comparison purposes.  I think my set analysis is missing a link to the fact table, but I'm not sure.


      What am I missing from my set, or might I have a breakage upstream from this work?