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    Date Issue (year missing)

      Hi guys,


      I've got an issue with some date's, I'm trying to track some daily share index prices (data format shown below)

      It is missing a year value's and I need to make this into a date format of DD/MM/YY, this goes as far back as 2013.


      TuesdayJune 039,949.969,954.789,917.669,924.5225,249,588
      FridayMay 309,926.739,970.779,924.639,943.27103,680,132
      ThursdayMay 299,937.669,956.249,917.979,938.965,743,401
      WednesdayMay 289,950.749,957.879,898.269,939.1772,748,507


      I'm also looking to get a percentage change of the closing price, but thought I'd need to get the date right first.


      I'm relatively new to scripting, but I can't seem to crack this.