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    How to show statistical data in charts

      Hi friends,


      I want to show statistical data i.e. mode ,median, average of tickets generated every month .its like a co-group of mode median mode fot the tickets generated every month.


      And with that I want to show a bell curve or normal distribution curve(standard Deviation) around the average in the form of +/- 3..


      It should be like a normal distribution of tickets per month around the average in the above graph and box plot around the median in the below chart. I am attaching the chart which I want.


      Please help me out and I am attaching the data and qvw file so that it becomes easier to work for everyone. You can make me understand with the help of your own normalized data of 50 rows but the months should be different. This is an important deliverable which needs to be sent tomorrow  EOD.


      The charts should be according to

      Average Tickets per hire.(according to month)(mean,median also).

      And the Bell Curve /box plot for tickets per month for ex we know during nov to feb the hiring are more and more tickets are raised while month before and after these four months have less number of hires . So a bell curve can be made according to that .Please help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!