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    Changing colour of multiple text boxes

      Hi all,


      I simply want to highlight a bunch of text boxes and change their fonts to the same colour. When I highlight them all and go to properties there is no option to do this...?


      It seems basic functionality so what am I missing? I am trialing different colour schemes and it's so inefficient to change each individually.



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          Massimo Grossi

          use a variable for text box font color

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            pradeep t

            By selecting all the textbox at a time, you can't change the textboxColor, But you can chaneg the font style.


            Do all the changes on one text box. Select the text box copy the properties using 'Format Brush'...  and apply it on which ever text box you want to change.

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              Roberto Postma

              I think you're right that the font-color property is not available when you selected multiple text-boxes. Strange that it isn't available.



              - change colors one by one (arghh this is what you like to avoid)

              - apply a theme (in which you defined textcolor that you want to have)


              Applying a theme for this is probably a bridge too far, but it is an option I think.


              #edit: as mentioned, the 'format painter tool" is the best solution for this probably. When you hold Ctrl, you can quickly update the font-colors of all other textboxes. A downside for this is that if the text-alignment is different across textboxes, it won't work, since this is "format painted" too...