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    QlikView script editor - visibility of the tabs

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I don't know, it might be only me - but I don't think so:

      - In the QlikView script editor, I have one script tab for every KPI, which is recommended and more than practical.

      => The tabs are grey, only the one you are currently looking at is slightly prominent above the others

      <=> That way, I find it quite hare to find the exact tab I'm currently working on every time I have been away for a sec to get a coffee or


      => Is it possible to configure the script_editor_tabs (not the text in the editor_window) to be in bold and maybe to change the colours? (I have, for instance, introduced (mainly for container_boxes) dark_blue as background_colour for the tabs, with the labels in white and bold, and that seems to greatly enhance the visibility)


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,