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    how to set variables on inicial values?

      hi friends,

      I would like get to my QlikView project couple of values, which are not in data-sources.

      I want to use variables and define default values for these items (for example: item "Plan2010-TeamA" = 10000, item "Plan2010Invoice-TeamA" = 15000, ...).

      So I create these items as variables (through menu "Settings - Variable overview" and [Add]. And now I would like to set inicial values to this variables:

      Plan2010-TeamA = 10000

      Plan2010Invoice-TeamA = 15000

      Plan2010-TeamA = 8000

      Plan2010Invoice-TeamA = 13500


      how can I made it? Is it possible create some inicial macro contains add value to variables? And that macro run on start of project?

      Or can I write these statements to project script?


      PS: using QlickView, ver.9.00.7257


      thanks for tip (and sample) :)