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    New problem with SA

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I'm going insane with this stuff.

      In one of my apps (the one with personell data) I have a Section_Access set up with the fields ACCESS and NTNAME. The NTNAME, as it is seemingly stored in our systems, is DOMAIN\firstname.lastname (the DOMAIN is in caps, the firstname and lastname are in lowercase).

      Locally (logged on as the one written in the SA inline_table with ADMIN access) I can easily reload the script - I couldn't get the thing with the OMIT_field to run, so I left it out.

      Now it seems, however, that the "QlikView user" that we have established on the server cannot run the script - whenever I try to trigger a reload via the QMC, it fails within half a minute.

      Can anybody help me out there, please?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,